Americas gathering

Hi Everyone.
Please share the attached information about the 2012 Americas Gathering in Vancouver, Canada.
It provides contact information, so that you
 can participate in creating the gathering.
We look forward to hearing from you.
All the best,
Dave Hitchcock
Zone 7 Rep, on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Americas Cultural promo



From Raphaëlle, French SICA coordinator.

Dear Harris…Could you give all the SICA websites address in the next issue? And speak about them? If someone do not understand the language, it is possible to ask automatic translation to help.
I know four: , ,, , there are certainly others…Love. Raphaëlle, French SICA coordinator.

Hi Raphaelle, thank you for this suggestion. Please send all sites you think you should be included. Love, Harris


Hello friends of ICDP!

Just want to inform you that we are now on facebook, so please join us there for latest updates and info!

We also want trainers and other participants to send “field notes” from projects that you are working on. Pictures is also nice to share (make sure that ppl represented on theese agreed to be on the webpage) . If you have someting to share with the rest of the ICDP family send the notes and pictures to me at: and I will post it on the facebook page!

We would love to hear how you are doing.


Best Wishes, Marianne Storkås

ICDP, Marketing manager