Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

News of the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake reached us too late to be included in the March issue of Subud Voice.

Our sympathy goes out to all who have been affected but we have been assured that no Subud members were injured though some have suffered serious damage to their properties.

We have received this information from the WSA Care Support Co-ordinator …

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Whether you are one of those who have fond memories of the places we are now seeing devastated in the news or not, many of us want to know how members in Christchurch are faring and what we can do following the recent terrible earthquake.

Judy Gibb, Subud New Zealand Chairlady, writes: “Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages of love and concern that we have received.  Short answer to many questions – yes, please, money will be MOST useful in the weeks/months ahead. No jobs…. No businesses…”

Attached you will find a brief newsletter with earthquake news and an explanation of how you may help.

Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.

Annabella Ashby
WSA Care Support Coordinator


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