DANCING THE ROUNDS…Rasunah’s poems


Of North American Aboriginal descent, Rasunah is a much anthologised poet in her native Canada. Some of her best and most beautiful, inspirational poems are included in this book. The reader or listener senses the deep but subtle aura of spirituality, transcending all ethnic, religious and international boundaries, which emanates from her work. The poem which gave the book its name: Dancing the Rounds, reflects the traditional “round” dancing to be found in so many lands and ethnic communities, expressing an unspoken veneration of the elements and a mystical sense of communion with timeless universal forces.

Rasunah writes…”My personal objective is to write poetry with distinctive qualities which might have an appeal which is truly borderless. Many of the poems may be seen as ‘responses’ to literature (such as Kinanti as a response to the Ozymandias poem). Some of the shorter poems are simply vignettes or ‘statement’ poems. Another theme is that of ‘voices’ or speakers from past or present centuries. Those of earlier times embody the timelessness of archetypes, or possess archetypical elements: Cup Woman, Isti’s Sutra, Hyacinth, I Point the Ways, Kartini and Kinanti are examples. Another theme is the narrative element, either subtle or obvious. Finally, while most of the poems are contemporary in style, those with lines which begin with capitals are intended to be understood as formalized, where the subject tone might be grave, prayerful, eulogistic, or ceremonial.”

Paperback…191 pages…£12.00

The book can be ordered directly from the publisher, Dreamstairway with visa or mastercard. http://www.dreamstairway.co.uk/html/poetry.html

Cover illustration by Laura Marsden.