EDITORIAL… February 2012

New Editor, Marcus Bolt.

As I took over as ‘front line’ Editor from Harris, I experienced unfathomable intermittent broadband problems (even the experts were flummoxed; and good broadband is essential to posting an edition of Subud Voice Online). Easy to solve, though, I thought; the line checks out OK, my wiring is all correct, no problems with my server people, so – just go buy a new router. My local PC store has many shiny new routers… unfortunately, the new range is not compatible with my current operating system. OK, no problem, I shall upgrade my computer’s operating system.

No, not possible, no upgrades this time. Macs have now become ‘Intel Inside’. I have to buy a NEW computer… ho hum.

So, my new computer has arrived – a miracle of modern design, I want to just sit and look at it for hours; it’s beautiful and I think I’m in love…  (and – Oh joy! – it has solved the intermittent broadband problems).  So, for once, ‘the angels’ have been good to me, frightening those gremlins off for a while and allowed me just enough time to get everything uploaded by February the first!

WSA Chair Luke at the Australian Congress

Enough of my problems and the minutiae of my life… Following in Harris’ editorial footsteps, we have another  packed edition for you this month. An article by Harris about the Australian Congress and WSA Chair Luke’s visit… an update from Kalimantan by Ridwan Lother… news of a new sewing project organised for World Congress, Mexico, from Isti Jenkins… Livingston Armytage in Pakistan… Sharifruddin’s dream and a chat with Ibu Rahayu… and from associate editor, Ilaina Lennard, a ‘Whatever happened to…? article that we hope will be an ongoing feature (fascinating stuff, by the way)… ‘A test with Bapak’ (from Rozak Tatebe’s book)… ‘My Guidance’, an article from Renee Goetz about her life… an article about Kuswanda’s new book… an excerpt from a talk by Bapak on marriage… and lots. lots more… ENJOY!

Marcus Bolt – email: marcusbolt@easynet.co.uk