EDITORIAL…Some the “best of” Subud Voice 2011

2011… what a year It was

It was a year of natural disasters. Another major quake in Christchurch, following on the thousands of aftershocks. Some of the venues we have used we used at Congress have disappeared, others will.

Fortunately, though no Subud members were injured, but many suffered major property damage. But now the news has come (today) of yet another major quake in Christchurch.

Then, Japan. A major catastrophe for Japan and for the world. Fortunately, once again, only a few Subud members were affected and they seemed to have escaped the tragedies that engulfed so many others.

We have articles about both Japan and Christchurch in this special issue.

In all my years of editing Subud Voice, we have never been through such a period of change and development. But I talked about this at great length in my editorial in the last issue, so I will not go into all that again.

The quality and variety of articles we have published this year, staggers me. Almost evbery aspect of Subud Life is touched on from spiritual experience to its manifestations in enterprise, social welfare, education, youth and culture.

That four old age pensioners, and one webmaster, scattered around the globe manage to do this every month, not only in English, but also in Spanish sometimes amazes me.

Subud Voice used to be 16 pages. We printed out one of our recent issues and it came to 130 pages. You readers are getting so much more. But also the quality is there as well. I am so proud of some of the things that we have published this year.

The three-part interview series with Mansell Geiger is one of them. For years, I pursued them out at Mansur and at last I pinned him down and got this great series of interviews.

There is so much more. I could go on and on. The articles on reincarnation by and about Rashidah MacDonald. Again, the fruition of a 25 year quest to get Rashidah to allow me to publish them.

So many stories. In this issue we publish “some of the best”. Another chance to read the many articles you might have missed during the year. Some were published in serial form, and perhaps you might have missed something in the series. Well, here it all is. Plenty of holiday reading for you in January.

A special thanks to Max Potter who has been doing a “digest” version of Subud Voice for the people who asked for a short, easy-to print version. This is always listed now in the table of contents for each issue.

In 2012, Marcus Bolt in the UK is going to take over editing Subud Voice for a while up until our 25th Anniversary issue in July. I have some other projects I want to focus on. I will still be in charge of Subud Voice and will bestow upon myself several grandiose titles such as Proprietor, Editor-in Chief and so on.

But from now on send everything to Marcus, your letters, your articles and so on. His email is: marcusbolt@easynet.co.uk

Love to all, and very best wishes for you in 2012 which promises to be a momentous year,

From the Team at Subud Voice, Harris, Ilaina, Marcus, Samuel and Kitka.