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You can do that quickly, easily and safely by sending us a donation by credit card. We have been going for 26 years now and would like to continue for another 26. Think what a hole it would be in the Subud world were we to disappear. No more reliable, Subud-supporting, independent news magazine regular coming to you as clockwork on the first of every month. Over the last few years we’ve exhausted all the available avenues of sponsorship. Now it is down to you, our readers, if you want us to continue providing this service.

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World Congress FAQ

Subud World Congress 2018 – Freiburg. Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please see if your question is answered here. For more information please

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Lawrence Brazier writes from Vienna The acquiring of enthusiasms, the philosopher would have it, is dictated by the complex difficulty of life; which means that

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

A story by Harris Smart about how the world of dreams, myths and fairytales can erupt into everyday life… RAPUNZEL, RAPUNZEL Harris Smart writes…have you

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Paris, France

A story by Harris about a visit to Paris in which he was robbed by gypsies… it also has something to say about photography… PARIS,

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Paris: Jazz

by Lawrence Brazier and is also set in Paris and has something to say about jazz and other things… PARIS: JAZZ Lawrence Brazier writes… For

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The Man who Stuttered

A chapter from Husain Chung’s book GOD THE THERAPIST (available from amazon.com) and gives an insight into the way that Husain works with people… THE

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I was looking for some video clips to include with some stories in Subud Voice when I stumbled across this one. It is the acclaimed

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