FAVOURITE PHOTO…A happy accident

Like so many great photos in the history of photography, this one was a happy accident. My wife was preparing to take a picture of the sea with her Iphone but instead she shot herself in the foot.

Serendipity, happy accidents, play such an important part in life. My wife is from the island of Sri Lanka which was once called Serendipity.

But I like the photo, not only because of its accidental quality, but also because it says so much about life. The sea and rocks which take up the bulk of the photo look like the boiling swirling chaos of life.

And there is a little foot, venturing out into the chaos, as we all do, as we are all required to do.

This mysterious chaos, leading us to ask so many questions. Why am I here? Why am I  the way I am? Can I do anything about it? Who made all this? Did someone make all this? What am I supposed to do next?

It all makes me wish I could write a wise book called Footsteps about the mystery of life’s journey, just so I could use this photo for the cover.

Harris Smart