GOD THE THERAPIST…Husain Chung’s autobiography

Lusiah Rott writes…

Dear friends, colleagues, and family,

I would like to announce the publication of a wonderful book that I have had the great privilege of working on, called ‘God the Therapist’, by Husain Sam-Tio Chung.  It is available through online booksellers.

The book is a memoir of an amazing and fascinating life that centers around the author’s personal spiritual quest, the road to becoming a master psychodramatist and his work with thousands of individuals. The book is in turn poignant, funny, and inspiring.

It is Husain’s search through the tribulations of his life, so beautifully and nakedly expressed in his book, that brought him to the mature ripening that he displayed in his psychodrama sessions in which I participated 45 years ago.

“I can honestly say that my spiritual journey began in earnest with my meeting Sam-Tio. He was a pivotal catalyst in my journey, without which I likely would have had a very different life trajectory.” Julian Spalding

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