FROM IAN AND ROHANA BOURNE…adding forgiveness

Dear Harris,

This last issue of “Subud Voice” has been totally absorbing. Unfortunately, it does keep going off line on my computer, and I only managed to finish reading it yesterday.  It has disappeared again this morning.  I wonder if you are under a cyber attack as there are some very strange URLs popping up at the same time?  Also, I cannot print out any of the articles other than the first page. I see that you are archiving “Subud Voice” in the Boston Subud Library, but haven’t done so since January last.  That is such a good idea and hope you get your recent issues safely there.

Hi Rohana, thanks for this feedback…there has been a problem with the server…we’re trying to build Cadillac in a factory made for producing hyundai… always cutting corners… so some might say, perhaps quite rightly, ‘well stop trying to build cadillacs ands make Hyundai. stop trying to do so much, too much…still, I have some overpowering urge to build Cadillacs… we need so much more in terms of staff and resources… still, soldier on, soldier on

Have been reflecting on “living Susila Dharma every day”: from your correspondence with Pak Kuswanda. Agree with all you both concluded so delightfully on the subject.

Thank you… I treasure this story

Could I suggest we add  “forgiveness”. It is such an important element in this gift from the Holy Spirit: making it possible to live Susila Dharma every day. To forgive and to be forgiven is so healing.   I always like to look for the context:  here the whole process  begins and can only continue with standing before God and emptying oneself with the only wish being to worship the Almighty One. To do this regularly and with an attitude of sabar, tawakal and ichlas.  Bapak defines these so clearly in his Second Talk in Hamburg 28 Sepember 1983 (83 HAM 2). The second half of this talk was distributed by ISC and the international helpers to Subud national committees worldwide in the early eighties – and in those days, with Bapak’s approval, no doubt.  This talk has been a compass for me and more recently, Bapak’s definitions of amal in many of his Talks. I am so happy about the resurgence of Sine Cera – and Gunnebah has developed so well too (they, together with Subud Brisbane,  are mutually beneficial as far as I can see from my remote location).

Thank you…may I publish your letter?

Thank you for your last message, especially that you would love to come up for a visit. It would be so good to see you!  We are having a low key morning tea on Christmas Eve for the family and would love to see you then, or if you prefer to wait until late March, we could also take you up to a property and bush retreat on the mountain range behind Tallarook.  We suggest this time of year, as bushfire season worries would be over then.

Mmm Christmas Eve seems nice… will confirm…t hank you…love, Harris


FROM HUSAIN CHUNG… an exuberant proposal

Harris and Piata (just heard your beautiful voice singing the lovely Ipanema on your cruise holiday in the south pacific).
I wrote a gawd long email on the Voice feedback, but being a computer retard I somehow
must’ve hit a wrong key and the whole f@#k stuff vanished – puff!
I am Subud, you are Subud  and we all Subud members and ARE THE NEW HUMANITY of mankind! So – have we been spreading Subud to mankind? We certainly have.  So now let us prove what Subud really mean by OUR REALITY ACTIONS —

So LETS US ACT and WALK-THE-TALK and SPONTANEOUSLY SURRENDER, SUBMIT and COURAGEOUSLY FOLLOW OUR INNER JIWAS…releasing our talents, gifts and skills to wherever, whichever, whatever means at our disposal IN TODAY’S WORLD.
We live in the digital age of internet-networking global world, so lets make use of our incredible technology and reach out to the world NOW, TODAY IN THE HERE/NOW
tech experts in the world can come together and set-up a central H.Q. to create, manage
and monitor a live real time global communication social network like a facebooklatihan
Example:  Subud members all over the world can participate. We all have cellphones with cameras and everyone can speak English (some can do instant language translations). Just   China and India combined makes up over a billion people with cellphones — add the rest of us and it is trillion tomorrow. So – this can be a live Youtube pics on cellphones and iPads.

We can cellphone shoot you, Harris, interviewing me or Mansur Geiger or any Subud person doing their thing.  We can have youtube of other Subud businesspersons tell their Subud experiences in their own work when they surrender and let the inner latihan power move their outer actions.
I am in the process of submitting a T.V. and Cable proposal:   A NEW WEEKLY docudrama TALKSHOW PROGRAM FOR TV OF A REALITY CELLPHONE FILM TALK SHOW.  (Did you know 50% of Berekley University CA students are Asians? Practically all countries in Asia have students at Berekley today. Here at Stanford U. we have students from every major country in the world. We can create “tomorrow’s news”. How? The  latest news is about OWS – Occupy Wall Street, which is happening all over the world. And the recent hot one is the Republican candidates suggesting how they would deal with the Iranian nuclear bombdevelopment. We tape the Republican candidates like Romney, Perry & Cain their remarks of American military options, then we interview Iranian and Israelian students on Stanford and Berekley campuses of their reactions to the Reb candidates. Then some of the OWS can give their youtube cellphone reactions to all the above. We then send these scenes to celllphones in Iran, Israel, China and wherever.
This will demonstrate what can happen when a country can let people be free to express and be themselves. Knowing that the Iran or China would not permit their citizens to speak out, we would conceal the Iranian, Chinese or Syrian foreign student faces if they are speaking on the US. college campuses. By having U.S. college foreign students from top IVY universities, MIT, Harvard who will be returning to their native lands as tomorrow’s citizens and leaders — this will give great credibility. I would love to do globle psychodramas with this template. The production cost would be cheap because we have Subud members all over the world with cellphones/ipads, the every countrys’ foreign students right here. For certain if you can pay one dollar to Husain, I guarantee he would help psychodramatically act, co-produce and co-direct this globle psychodrama-interactive social cellphonefacebook reality show.
We should do gigantic really homongus out-of-the-box roadshow enterprise projects that will create huge awesome, godfearing impact. I have found in my life when I follow beyond my mind inner vision as they suddenly pop up spontaneously and have the
guttsy balls to go full steam ahead  whatever theconsequences, only then my inner heart willexpand as wide as the ocean and then, SUDDENLY THE FORCE OF ALMIGHTY GOD REALLY HAPPENS and I just SURRENDER AND FOLLOW the miraculous RECEIVING of the my inner Jiwa with outter direct reality actions with absolutely no fear and hesitation in absolute and total submission and complete surrender. Everyone is welcome to join this  latihan-in-action globle circus roadshow — NOTHING LIKE ON THIS PLANET.
So – I found your old email address and hope you’ll receive this missile.  I have  attached also what I wrote to Rosalind at VISION.

Love & blessing