On the passing of Professor  Rukman Karsten Hundeide, founder, chairman and leader of ICDP for over twenty years…

Dear friends,

Yesterday, the 7th of September, we lost Rukman Karsten Hundeide, the founder and leader of the ICDP family. While we mourn our friend and brother, we also reinforce our commitment to carry forward his message of compassion and humanity by continuing to work together, spreading the ICDP progamme in the world.

Rukman provided guidance to us all, which we will sorely miss, not only because of his impressive academic contributions, but even more because of his human sensitivity and friendship, his tireless dedication to ICDP work, his continuous inspiration, personal warmth and sense of humour. We will try to “keep the flame” alive.

Lailah Armstrong, on behalf of the ICDP international team

And Nadeem Mohsin writes from India…

The only way that we can pay tribute to this wonderful human being is to carry forward his dream project by spreading it in different corners of the globe. I, for one, would be really thankful if you all can guide me to spread ICDP in different parts of India. I have had some intitial correspondence with Karsten on this subject and he was very keen to put India on the ICDP map.

Lailah, I know Karsten’s demise would particularly mean a great loss to you. Believe me, I am with you at this moment of trauma and would be willing to devote my services to the cause of ICDP.

Once again I offer my deep condolence to Karsten’s family, all his colleagues at ICDP and all his freinds and well wishers.

And Renee Goetz writes from Australia…

Dear Lailah

For me Karsten’s and your work is based on love or simply is “living love”. Love never dies.To give love and spread love is our fulfillment, is our timelessness. When we look into Karsten’s work we can feel attached to something truly big, something that will feed our feelings, creativity and time for a long time.

Thank you God for sending us Karsten Hundeide with your very special guidance for the children, the needy, and all of humanity.

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