Bapak – The Man and His Mission Part 3

1971 – 2001: Putting the Latihan into Practice

Bapak: The Man and His Mission tells the life story of Muhammad Subuh and the history of Subud, the spiritual movement he founded, from his birth on June 22nd 1901, to his Centenary Anniversary in 2001.

Part Three: Putting the Latihan into Practice takes Bapak’s story up until his death in 1987 and goes on to show developments in Subud since then.

This program shows the rise and fall of the “major projects” after the 1971 Congress, and the development of humanitarian and social welfare prjects, members’ enterprises, youth and cultural activities. The World Congresses are described along with the spread of Subud, particularly in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Of particular importance is the story of Kalimantan, which is told from when Bapak went there in 1980 intending to open up the province of Central Kalimantan to mining, agriculture and a Subud housing project.

The program also shows the celebrations surrounding the centenary of Bapak’s birth in Wisma Subud, the Centenary World Congress, which was held in Bali in July 2001, and the opening by Ibu Rahayu of the Muhammad Subuh Centre in Rungan Sari, the Subud housing development near Palangka Raya in Central Kalimantan.

The program is a project of the Bapak’s 100th Anniversary Team.
Patrons – Siti Rahayu Wiryohudoyo, Haryono Sumohadiwidjojo and Siti Hardiyati, S.A. Sumohadiwidjojo.
Executive Producer: Rahman Connelly.
Written and Produced by Harris Smart.
Produced with the generous financial assistance of the Connelly Temple Trust.


Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes approx.

In English – Spanish subtitles available.