We are all looking forward to welcome you to our next Subud World Congress here in Puebla, Mexico, in 2014. We are already enthusiastic and busy with the preparations.

It’s time to choose the LOGO that will frame this great event. The Congress logo will be the iconic symbol for the Subud World Congress 2014 and will be used in all Congress advertising, website, letterheads, posters, souvenirs, t-shirts, etc. We know that we have many creative Subud brothers and sisters, full of good ideas. So we are sure that one of you will design the perfect logo for our next Subud World Congress!

For all these reasons, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our Subud World Congress (SWC) Logo Competition. The winner – the one who designs the winning logo – will have the congress registration fee waived. Complete information about the competition may be found here English, Spanish, French and Russian (click).



A 5 x 7 art sale and exhibition for the benefit of SICA will be held during the Americas Gathering this summer in Vancouver, Canada,

You are all invited to donate works of art (any kind of medium including photography) on 5″ x 7″ (13cm x 18 cm) matt board or canvas board for this very special exhibition. But. . .  YOU MUST ONLY SIGN YOUR WORK ON THE BACK as all works will be exhibited anonymously!

Each work of art will have a removable tag beneath it with a number on it. At a certain hour during the opening reception, “the pull” will be announced. At that moment, and not a moment before, people who want a particular work will pull the numbered tag by that work of art and take it to our gallery volunteers to purchase that work. Only then, will they find out whose work they bought.

Artists can submit as many works as they like. Bring them to Vancouver in your suitcase, or you can mail them ahead. Just remember that they have to be signed on the back, and they have to be done on 5″ x 7″ matt board, cardboard, canvas board – something that will stand up on a shelf and not curl.

Please direct your questions to: or visit


SICA Britain has a terrific new website

Silk Painting – Latifah Nankivell.

As the site explains, SICA is a non-profit organ­i­sa­tion that seeks to pro­mote and sup­port cul­ture that is an outer expres­sion of our inner selves. It does this by sup­port­ing Subud mem­bers who are engaged in cul­tural activ­i­ties. The site fea­tures work in the fields of paint­ing, lit­er­a­ture, film, music or indeed any activ­ity that embod­ies cul­ture. As the SICA com­mu­nity grows in Britain, we hope to be able to estab­lish funds to act as seed money to get cul­tural projects off the ground.

Pri­mar­ily the web­site is a show­case for the work of British mem­bers. How­ever as the SICA acronym implies we are part of an inter­na­tional organ­i­sa­tion, we are happy to include artists from around the world who want to dis­play their work.

SICA Britain website