SOLSTICE 2011…Poem by Sharifin Gardiner


The still point of  midsummer’s rising sun

Brings  Gaia’s promise of good things to come.

With warmth and rain, the ripening ears of wheat

Ensure at least most Britons have enough to eat.

Our ancestors sought solace from their fears

With Bronze Age bardic rituals and prayers.

Though we may join them, we delude ourselves.

  Our harvest sits on supermarket shelves,

Dispatched by air from Egypt, Kenya or Peru,

Covered in plastic, sprayed, all fresh and new,

 Drenched with carcinogens, releasing CO2,

While forests flame and arctic ice sheets shrink,

Six  billion hungry  humans teeter on the brink.

And so we call on angels and the Source

Of all creation for forgiveness, in remorse.

It could be that the cycle of destruction ends.

Maybe there’s yet some time to make amends.

Perhaps our anxious hopes are not forlorn

And through the turmoil, a new age is being born.

Sharifin Gardiner wrote this poem after attending a Solstice Ceremony.