A NEW SEWING PROJECT… Isti Jenkins has a project for Mexico

A NEW SEWING PROJECT…Isti Jenkins has a project for Mexico

Everyone who attended the Christchurch Congress will recall the sewing project that Isti Jenkins organised there.

Many people worked with her to create a banner depicting a visionary landscape more than 7 metres long.

The Christchurch Congress Banner

Now she has a new project for the Mexico Congress. She is inviting artists to submit works around the theme of “Bapak’s life and receiving”. The aim is to exhibit them in Mexico and then to make a selection as the basis for a sewing project.

Interested artists should contact Isti at peterjenkins4@gmail.com

Several years ago Isti organised a sewing project for village women in Kalimantan. This is one of the threads that led to the Microcredit and Sewing projects in Kalimantan.

(To download the report, click here:

12 2011__SDC_report_Kalimantan_microcredit_&_sewing

Béata Delcourt writes from YUM about the progress of this project…

The new cooperative has been running for a couple of months now and seeing the progress of the project, YUM is highly optimistic that the microcredit project will be very successful this coming year, especially as it is now combined with the sewing project.

YUM is extremely grateful for SD Canada’s support to our projects and we wish to thank you once again for your precious help. 

I remain at your service if you require any further information concerning YUM projects in Kalimantan.

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