BAPAK TALK… Bapak talks about his mission

Since Subud Voice is now once again available in full to the general public, we no longer publish talks by Bapak or Ibu Rahayu in their entirety, because it is felt that, generally speaking, these are really only comprehensible and of value to people who already practise the latihan.

Bapak always insisted that his talks are “explanations” for people who already follow the latihan. One of his oft-repeated maxims was, “First the experience, then the explanation!”

He compared the latihan to eating a mango. There is no way you can “explain” the taste of a mango to someone who has not tasted one. First, you must experience it for yourself, then you can talk about it.

At the same time, brief quotations from Bapak, the founder of Subud, and his daugther, Ibu Rahayu, are often comprehensible to anyone, and may contain wisdom or advice that is akin to what is said in religion or other spiritual traditions.



This receiving of the latihan kejiwaan has come to Bapak first, and Bapak does not know, does not understand why God has chosen Bapak to be the first one to receive this grace and this latihan kejiwaan. But this is what has happened. And about this Bapak wants to say something to you, which Bapak hopes that one day you will be able to witness for yourself, or to know the truth of it.

So for the moment, although naturally Bapak hopes you will believe it, Bapak does not want you to believe it too much, because it is better if you wait until later on when you can experience its reality for yourself. The fact is that when Bapak received this gift [of the latihan kejiwaan] from God Almighty, it was not witnessed by Bapak alone, it was witnessed by all the prophets who have been God’s messengers in this world.

That is, by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, and all the other prophets who have been God’s messengers in this world. And indeed, brothers and sisters, if it were not so, if it was not for the fact that they have all approved of Bapak’s mission to spread this latihan of Subud to all mankind, it would be impossible for this to be accomplished.

So if it were not that this latihan kejiwaan has been approved, has been witnessed and approved by all the prophets, obstacles for it spreading throughout the world would be enormous, and it would be impossible for it to spread.  (76 NYC 1)