GOD THE THERAPIST… new book from Husain Chung

Husain Chung

Harris writes…

He is a rebel and a renegade. He is not your usual, conventional Subud member. He is “the most unforgettable character I ever met”.

I owe him my life. It was through him I found Subud, and if I had not found Subud at that time, I had painted myself into such a black corner, that I would probably have done away with myself (as my sister did).

It’s possible that he has brought more people into Subud than anyone except Bapak. In the 60s he brought hundreds in.

Husain Chung, a remarkable man. Now he has published his book which is his autobiography, his unique take on the nature of the Creator, and his enthusiasm for the potential of  Subud.

He has suffered more than anyone else I have ever met in my life. He was born without hips and as a two-year old had to be sent away from his home in Shang-hai to llive in a hospital in Hawaii. He was totally isolated. An alien, Chinese, speaking no English, encased in plaster.

In this suffering and isolation he found God whom he called the “entity”. And out of this tremendous suffering, he developed tremendous power. In certain ways, he is the most powerful; human being I have ever met.

God became his therapist, his refuge, his solace, his inspiration. To some extent we all define God in our own image and Husain is a therapist. Some day I am going to write a complete account of my relationship with Husain and of the extraordinary “happening” he produced in the 1960s as a master of psychodrama.

But for now you have Husain’s story in his own words. An extremely lively and colourful story, I can assure you. You’ve read no other “Subud story” like it. He may be a rebel and a renegade but he has lived the Subud life to the hilt. l. He has run enterprises, he is a real helper, his commitment to Subud is total.

There is a story I have heard, perhaps apochryphal. But the story goes that someone went to Bapak to complain about Chung, and Bapak asked this person, “How many people have you brought into Subud?”

About 40 years ago, Husain called in on me as he passed through Melbourne on his way to Cilandak. But Cilandak was intended to be just a stepping stone to his real purpose.. And what was his real purpose? Nothing less than to “open China”. Well, he hasn’t done it yet. But there is still time to make a start…

To read all about this amazing man, click the .pdf.