A Gift From God: The Story Of Subud


A Gift from God tells the life story of Muhammad Subuh and the history of Subud, the spiritual movement he founded, from his birth on June 22nd 1901 to his Centenary Anniversary in 2001.

The story has been condensed into one concise 65-minute program from the three programs in the series Bapak: The Man and His Mission which were produced to celebrate the anniversary of Bapak’s birth in 2001.

It begins with Bapak’s birth in the remote Javanese village of Kedungjati on June 22nd 1901 and follows his early life to the moment in 1925 when he received the remarkable spiritual experience in Semarang, which was to be the foundation of Subud.

It describes his marriages to Rumindah and Siti Sumari, and his move to Jogjakarta where Subud was officially registered as a spiritual organization. Here Bapak met Husein Rofé who was to play such an important role in the spread of Subud to the west.

It describes Bapak’s visit to England in 1957 and the early days of Subud at Coombe Springs. It follows his journeys and the spread of Subud all around the world. We see the creation of Wisma Subud in Cilandak and the rise and fall of the “major projects”. Subud’s work in enterprise, welfare and culture is presented. Bapak’s last years are described, along with his legacy in the organisation he set up to nurture the latihan kejiwaan.

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes approx.

English and Spanish versions available.