REAPING THE HARVEST…a musical editorial

The editor writes…

Dear Readers (I mean it! You are not yet many, but you are quality),

Sharif Horthy once told me, unless I have invented the memory (we all sometimes do), but I believe he told me that he had a dream or vision not long after he came into Subud, in which he was told, “You will live to see the harvest”. (Dear Sharif, please correct me if I got the details wrong, or perhaps you might wish to communicate the experience in full detail. It is so important!)

Subud has been a hard road. Long the way we’ve travelled and hard the way we’ve come. But now I am seeing it. Around me I am seeing people bringing in the harvest of their lives. Soon the barns will be full to overflowing.

Are we about to have a dawning, a precious morning?

Years ago I wrote a song called “Precious Morning”. It goes…

Haven’t we seen how dark it can get, Haven’t we know the night?

Haven’t we felt how cold it can get, Haven’t we know its blight?

Hard the road we’ve travelled, And long the way we’ve come

And if there’s to be heaven, it’s because we’ve known that hell

Some there’ve been who’ve fallen, And some have lost their way

But we pray they’ll join with us on this happy day

 Because this is the end of the old world’s waning,

This is the start of a new day’s dawning

This is the day you’ll see us walking

New and well-born in this precious morning

To hear the song, click here.