WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…? (Part 2) … Ilaina Lennard writes…

Emmanuel Aronie

Emmanuel Aronie, who first brought Subud to the Ukraine, writes:  I am currently looking out of a window on a cloudy day in Kharkov, Ukraine…visiting some Subud folks ….and kind of resting, after about 14 days of visiting here, much of it quite busy….

I have a nice little travel story here, some of it Subud, some of it shooting a music video in Kharkov (I was only helping on the edges, Zhenya Zhebko being the motor force for the crew and cast of about 7-8 people, depending on when in the evening you happened to show up). There was also a very rare drinking adventure that took place in Cherkassy some 12 days ago on the erstwhile eve of the New Year.

So, that’s my news from here…back in the good old USA it’s been life as usual…I am now Chair of Boston, my local Subud group, a worker, the lone worker-manager of Zero Toys (www.zerotoys.com) and an occasional housepainter. E/m: emmanuelaronie@hotmail.com


Dr. Abdurrachman Mitchell writes:  We are in the UK for the next 7 months. Not so long ago I wrote a few articles for SV but my intention is to do more writing again, while I am here. I am focusing on ‘stories’ rather than a straight memoir of my life, experiences which have taught me something.

We are now staying in our daughter Lorna’s house at Nutley in East Sussex, near Lewes. Back in Perth I was working for Fremantle Street Doctor – an organisation that makes medical aid available to those who do not feel comfortable in the regular GP clinics. E/m, rachmanm@iprimus.com.au

Raymond Lee (formerly of PTS Widjojo) writes: I am still here in Jakarta.  Right now I spend most of my time working on translating Bapak’s talks. My other main activity is promoting, and teaching mediation with the National Mediation Centre in Jakarta, and I was recently appointed as a Regional Mediator for the World Bank Group. To tell you all the things I have been doing would take a long time, but yes, I also sing. e/m: rlee@cbn.net.id


Some other news came through Melinda Wallis, Subud USA Secretary:

Hasijah Rosefield (she started the street kids project YUM, in Jakarta) now has alzheimers’, and is in a nursing home in Oakland, CA.

Ed and Alfathah Kerner – he died recently, she’s in an alzheimers’ nursing home in Australia. Rohana Fraval is in contact.

Peter Filippelli – Subud USA Nat. Chair twice, and MSF chair (?) for a long time, is happily living in Marin County, CA

Sjarifuddin Harris in Badger California is currently a Real Estate Agent
and Nat Helper in the USA. He says:
I have been interested in sustainability and Permaculture and building Cob
and Strawbale homes for approx. 20 years. Last year I assisted Maria Pope and Leo Horthy purchase a 185 acre Ranch land up here in Badger. Soon after they both went
to a Permaculture training and are excited about developing this property in a sustainable way. I feel that Biochar will be a valuable tool for them.
– Sjarifuddin Harris   AKA  sharif.harris@GMAIL.COM


Amanda Lloyd, daughter of former IHs Michael and Caterina Lloyd,  will be best known by many for her work as secretary for Susila Dharma International, when Wilbert Verheyen was Chair. She has since worked in many different fields, and now writes:

I am working for a local government-owned organisation which offers consultancy to authorities.  I’m their Director of Social Care, heading up the development of support to deliver efficiencies in social care departments of local authorities.  At the moment I’m working with local authority Directors of adult social care and some of the major care providers to develop a common view of what a fair payment for care is.  But I’m looking to find alternative work at the moment, as it’s time for a move, so things may change! E/m amanda.gblloyd@gmail.com


Aminah Schwartz (USA), a long time devoted Subud member, died on January 25 ,2012 at the age of 84.

Her death was very like that of Len Wells (see January SV).   She died in her home without any prior illness – as her Haitian landlord said: “That’s just the way I would want to go”    Her death was discovered when two Subud members, Helene and Pierre,  found the apartment dark with no response from knocking or phone call.  But apparently on Aminah’s last Sunday at latihan, everyone had noticed how happy and glowing she  appeared.