World Congress FAQ

Subud World Congress 2018 – Freiburg.

Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please see if your question is answered here. For more information please check out the congress website:
If you still cannot find answers to your questions, please contact:


Q: When and Where is Subud World Congress 2018?

Dates: Saturday 28 July – Wednesday 8 August.
Arrival date: Friday 27 July,
Departure date: Thursday 9 August.
Venue: Freiburg Messe,

Q: Which is the best way to travel to Freiburg?

Flights: it is best to arrive at Frankfurt Am Main, Germany or Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport (Switzerland/France). Both these airports have good connections to Freiburg (see details on the congress website).
Train: Book a ticket to Freiburg im Breisgau.
Car: Freiburg Messe, Europaplatz 1, 79108 Freiburg, Germany.

Q: Will there be a Subud shuttle service from any of the airports?

No, there will be no shuttle bus services between airports and Freiburg.
The welcome desk will be at the main train station in Freiburg.
From there we will support you to get to your hotels.

Q: How can I reserve public transport (buses, trains) to Freiburg from my arrival point?

Public Transport in Germany is efficient.
Bus: The best public transport from both the Frankfurt and Basel-Mulhouse airports (for this latter one, please exit France/Germany, NOT Switzerland) is FLIXBUS.
You can reserve and buy your ticket on
Train information: from all towns in Germany, the best site is (numerous languages available). These services are available all the time. Their app. is called “DB Navigation”

Q: How do I get to the venue by public transport from downtown Freiburg?

Take tram # 4 direction Messe/Technische Fakultät. There are many tram stops around the town centre and along the way. You may need to ask your hotel or host for information specific to your location. Get off at the last stop.
When members receive their registration package it will include a public transport ticket, valid for the duration of congress and with an 80km radius.

Q: How is the access to the convention centre for people with walking difficulties or needing a wheelchair.

There will be a shuttle bus at peak times from the tram stop: Messe/Technische Fakultät (last stop on the tram line) to the Messe Freiburg Convention centre for those who do not wish to walk (5 minutes). The building is accessible for wheel chairs.

Q: How can I order a taxi?

There is one taxi number to call in Freiburg : + 49 761 555555

Q: Will there be space for parking at the congress venue and how much will it cost?

Yes there will be parking facilities which will cost 3 euros a day.


Q: When and how can I register?

Registration starts on-line in December 2017.
The link will be on our website: and in other Subud media.

Q: How can I register and pay other than on-line? Can I pay by bank transfer rather than credit card?

Registration will only be available on-line.
Various payment options will be available, including bank transfer.
You will find the information in the registration software.

Q: What is included in the registration fee?

– Access to the venue and to all activities (latihan, performances, workshops, etc…)
– Technical equipment and simultaneous translation services
– A free travel card covering Freiburg and the surroundings
– A free family program and on-site activities for youth

Meals and accommodation are not included. See meal plan below (next section)

Q: Is there a family program?

The overall theme of this World Congress is unity.
Children will have their own safe spaces at the main Congress Venue. The format will be similar to the successful SYFA (Subud Youth Family Association) activities from the UK. Activities will be organised and managed by vol-unteers in the mornings, on many afternoons, and sometimes in the evenings.
The check-in programme will be designed for children age 3 +; however the crèche will have facilities for babies and a comfortable area for parents to hang out too. But it may not be possible to separate very small children from their families unless the child settles well and there are sufficient volunteers.
An exciting interactive teenage programme is also being planned. On some afternoons, activities will leave the site and this could well require the involvement of you or another volunteer adult alongside your child.
It is hoped that, with your help, many interactive events will evolve, including excursions in and around Freiburg.
Registration is free for those under 18 years old.

Q: I can only come to the congress for 1 week, what must I pay?

You pay the number of days attending x 45 Euros (50 as of 01.03.2018/60 as of 16.06.2018)

Q: If I have to cancel my registration because I can no longer come, can I give it to someone else?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your registration to another person

Q: If I have to cancel but cannot find someone to transfer my registration to, what is the reimbursement policy?

Refund is 75% up until June 30, 2018.
After July 1, 2018 there is no refund except for serious medical reasons.

Q: Does my non-Subud spouse or partner have to register and pay for the Congress?

– All children and youth under 18 are FREE.
– Friends and spouses of Subud members, who want to visit and hang out at the Messe during the Subud World Congress have to pay a daily registration fee of 45 euros (or they can fully register on-line). Day tickets will be available at the registration desk on-site.
– Visitors will be able to enjoy a wide range of offerings including food stands, coffee areas, cultural programs, sport activities, exhibitions, bazaar and an overview of all the activities and services Subud is offering.
The fee can also be seen as a contribution to the overall costs, as well as to the amount of volunteer services which many members have put into the organisation and labour to create the space.
– For security reasons, all participants and visitors need to carry badges the whole time. Visitors without a badge will be asked to leave the premises.
– People interested in Subud, who come to the congress site, may get a special visitor card to meet with helpers on duty for applicant conversations. If they decide to join the congress, they may register for the remaining days.


Q: What is the meal plan available at the Subud World Congress?
How far is it to nearby local restaurants?

The meal plan is open: you can book a meal whenever you want to eat.
Various menus will be provided for prices between 8 and 12 euros and snacks from food carts will cost between 6 and 9 euros.

Closest restaurants are 5/10 minutes away by car or tram.

Q: What type of meals will be available? (vegetarian, gluten/lactose free, etc.)

A survey will be going out in early 2018, to determine what types of food and meals the members wish to have. Please make sure to respond with your needs.

Q: Can I drink the tap water at the convention centre ?

Yes, the tap water in and around Freiburg is of the highest quality and drinkable.


Q: Where can I stay in Freiburg; how can I book accommodation? I have heard that most hotels are already full and that there is no discount for Subud members.

There are many hotels offering discounts to Subud members during the congress dates (27th July to August 9th in-cluded).
If you need help please contact Ms. Kerstin Schultheis, Freiburg Convention Bureau, Tel.: +49 761 3881-1444, email:
Ms Schultheis speaks German, English and Spanish.
If your concern is not resolved, then please contact Viktor Boehm at:

If you go to the congress website (address above), on the accommodation page is a link to a booking form, which lists the current hotels giving a discount.
Please contact the hotels directly giving the discount code SUBUD.
If you use sites such as, or others please be aware that they may well not have rooms available because the rooms have already been blocked for Subud.
You can also look for and book apartments, etc., via Airbnb.
Hotels and hosts will have their own conditions regarding smoking, animals, etc.
Members should inform their hotel or hosts that they are exempt of paying accommodation tax. A form will be provided at the hotel for members to fill in, and supplied for those staying at other types of accommodation.

Q: Is there a campsite or other cheap forms of accommodation?

The team is currently negotiating with the town for a space for cheap accommodation. More information will be forthcoming once it is finalised.
There are three campsites close to Freiburg, Camping Tunisee, on the north side of Freiburg so with quite easy ac-cess to the venue: Address Seestrasse 30, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau, telephone number +4976652249.
Camping Hirzberg: Karthäuserstrasse 99, 79104 Freiburg, telephone :+4976135054
Camping and Guestrooms am Möslepark in Freiburg, Address: Waldseestrasse 77, 79117 Freiburg, telephone : +497617679333.
For more information on other campsites in Freiburg go to
Please check with the campsites directly for approximate driving time to the Messe.


Q: Do I need a visa to come to the Subud World Congress in Freiburg?

Germany is part of the Schengen area: many countries need a visa and members from certain countries will have to supply a large number of documents. Please contact the German Embassy or consulate in your country for exact information. You can actually apply for your visa only 3 months before travelling, but we recommend that you find out what papers you will need to supply and start preparing them as soon as possible.
Each member will need to supply their own individual documents including invitation letters.

Q: Who should I write to for an invitation letter?

Please write to Helen Han at


Q: Is there financial help for people in need and young people?

There is an Assistance Fund being made available and the International Youth Travel Fund. The amount of money available in these funds will depend on the success of the crowd funding and fundraising initiatives.

Q: How do I apply for financial help?

Requests for help must go through local and national committees or Zone Reps –
NOT directly to the congress team.

Q: I am concerned about my carbon footprint, is there a way I can contribute?

There will be many activities to tackle our environmental impact as well as to further raise our environmental and social awareness during our Congress. Programs and activities, which will be detailed in the next few months on our social medias, will include among others: a ‘paper smart’ policy, reducing waste through promoting reusable bottles and mugs, organic and locally sourced food, green workshops, talks and much more.
We are also looking for a campaign people will be able to donate to, to offset their carbon footprint.


Q: What are the scheduled times for latihan? Will there be a latihan time scheduled for parents who cannot make the general latihan?

Daily latihan will be 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
Partitions in the two big latihan halls will be available during the day for individual or group latihans. A schedule will be provided on demand.

Q: Is there a programme of excursions and tours being organised for congress partici-pants?

The various Tours and Excursions will be presented and described on the congress website: You will be able to register for daytours up from January 2018 on-line.

Q: When will the delegate programme be available and how will the delegates receive it?

Please contact you Zone Rep or the WSA executive team.

Q: Will delegate sessions be open to observers?

All delegate meetings and other meetings are open to observers.

Q: Will the overall programme be available on line and when will it be available?

The overall programme frame will be available in December 2017.
A detailed programme will be available on-line about 2 months before congress.
It is planned to develop an App to provide daily updates on-line.

Q: Who do I contact to:

– Sell merchandise at the bazaar? – Katja Tsafrir
– Perform during the congress? – Rusydah Ziesel
– Exhibit my artwork during the congress? – Oriana Lince
– Volunteer at the congress? – Faustina Walter –
– Organise a workshop? – Oliver Haitzmann –


Q: What is the weather like in July/August in Freiburg

Freiburg has hot and humid summers. Temperatures can reach 30+ degrees C.
However, you can also occasionally expect rain and heavy storms.

Q: Is there Wifi at the Convention Centre ?


Q: Are there private lockers available in the Convention Centre?

No, but some storage space will be available for a limited number of items.

Q: Can I get a German prepaid SIM card for my mobile phone?

Yes, one can easily buy a SIM card (OrtelMobile) at RELAY stores which are in airports and train stations. They can be activated immediately and hotel or accommodation addresses can be given.
For more info see

Q: Can I use my own mobile phone and International SIM card in Europe and Germany specifically?

That depends on your local provider. You must contact them to find out as it will depend on your contract.
Also for Europeans – check with your provider what their understanding is of no roaming fees within the European community. As with many laws, the understanding can differ from one provider to another!

Q: Which numbers should I call in case of an emergency in Germany

Emergency calls in Germany are 112 (works for whole of Europe) for Fire Brigade and Ambulance and 110 for the Police.
You can dial free of charge from any public phone box. Note that you can’t call 112 with a phone without SIM card.
You can find much more detailed information, also in English, on the Internet:

Q: Is there a cash dispenser (ATM) at the Convention Centre?

Yes. Normally there is a fee which is shown on the machine, and the may be a limit to withdrawals per day. Again this depends on the type of card and your bank.

Q: Should I carry cash or can I pay with a credit card?

There are a number shops and restaurants that take credit cards, but it is not as usual as in other countries, so you should have cash in case and certainly for small shops, coffee shops etc.


We strongly advise members to take out travel/health insurance. Members from other EU countries should ask for their European Health Insurance Card, which will allow them to be covered whilst in Germany.